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Why Chatting with Your Customers on Facebook Messenger is a Big Deal for Your Small Business

If you're using Facebook to connect with your awesome customers, you've probably noticed that relying only on likes or comments isn't working as well as it used to. It's time to switch things up and put more focus on Facebook Messenger. But why are DMs a game-changer for your small biz?

Did you know that the average engagement rate per follower for businesses on Facebook is just about 0.60% across all industries?

So, why should you encourage your customers to slide into your DMs? Well, here's the scoop:
  • As of January 2023, Facebook Messenger is one of the top three messaging apps worldwide, with a whopping 930 million people using it every month!

  • Super Customer Service: DMs are like a secret hideaway where you can quickly answer customer questions, sort out any order hiccups, and guide them to your fantastic products and services while keeping their info private.

  • Booking Made Easy: Booking appointments or chatting with your awesome customers is a breeze with DMs. No need to send customers to other websites - you can handle it all right there.

  • Sales Opportunity: Especially now that Facebook Shop has disappeared, you can still make sales happen. You could send orders and invoices right there in the DMs. Cool, right?

  • Reconnect and Re-engage: If you're running ad campaigns to score more leads or sales, you can retarget the ones you've chatted with before. It's like building on the friendships you've already started!

Tips to Make Your DM Game Stronger

Enable Suggestions

Making messaging a piece of cake by turning on the Suggestions Feature in the Business Suite inbox. It's like having a virtual assistant! Here's how:

  • Go to the inbox settings in Business Suite.

  • Click on the Suggestions tab.

  • Turn on the recommendations you like.

This magic tool can suggest replies and actions, like using saved replies or turning messages into appointments or orders.

Go Automated

If you're a bit short on time or have a small team, no worries! You can set up automated replies. They respond in a flash and handle common questions like a champ. Here's how:

  • Click the automation icon at the top of the Business Suite inbox.

  • Choose from ready-made templates or create your own custom ones.

You can set up instant replies for first-time messages, add a personal touch with names, and even schedule away messages for when your team isn't online.

Add a "Send Message" Button

Want more people to shoot you a message without spending a cent on ads? Easy peasy! Set up the "Send Message" button on your Facebook page. Here's how:

  • Open the admin menu on your Facebook page.

  • Select "Edit Action Button."

  • Choose "Send Message" as the action.

  • Save it.

Now, visitors can click the "Send Message" button on your Facebook page and dive right into a conversation with you.

By giving your customers a friendly nudge to chat with you on Facebook, you'll build stronger connections and watch your small biz grow like never before. Give these tips a whirl, and you'll be chatting your way to success in no time!


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