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Unravelling the Instagram Algorithm: Insights Straight from the Source

In the ever-changing social media landscape, understanding Instagram's algorithm has become vital for marketers and business owners alike. We all wonder: how often does it change, and what truly influences its dynamics? Instagram's @Creators account recently provided much-needed clarity through a Q&A session on their stories. Let's dive into the key takeaways tailored for business owners like you.

The Constant Evolution

Instagram’s feed ranking, powered by machine learning, is always adapting based on new data. This means every like and comment you receive impacts the algorithm. The secret? Create engaging content that encourages your followers to interact. Remind them that their engagement ensures they see more of your content. It’s a simple yet effective way to boost your visibility.

Account Type Myth

Contrary to popular belief, the type of account you have (personal, business, creator, verified) doesn’t impact ranking in the feed. What matters is how users interact with the content. While personal accounts might see a slight increase in engagement, the insights and analytics offered by business accounts are invaluable for your growth. Consider making the switch to a business account for a deeper understanding of your audience.

Quality Over Format

Videos don’t universally outrank photos. Your feed is customised based on your usage patterns. Focus on creating quality content that educates or entertains your audience, whether it’s a video explaining your product or a captivating photo. Your audience values content that adds value to their lives, regardless of the format.

Authenticity Trumps All

Instagram values authenticity and transparency. Building genuine connections is the cornerstone of successful engagement on Instagram, and it goes beyond just the number of followers or likes. By embracing these values, you create a genuine and lasting impact, fostering a loyal community around your brand.

Chronological vs. Ranked Feed

Instagram has firmly bid farewell to the chronological feed. The current ranked feed ensures that the average post is seen by 50% more followers than before. Instead of focusing on the timing of your posts, concentrate on creating impactful content. If your audience engages with it, the algorithm will prioritize your content, regardless of when you publish.

Beyond the First 30 Minutes

The myth that posts need a flurry of likes and comments within the first 30 minutes has been debunked. Instagram clarified that there’s no time limit for engagement to make an impact. Focus on creating content that resonates with your audience, fosters connections, and adds value. Meaningful engagement matters more than the speed of responses.

Genuine Comments Count

Every comment matters, regardless of its length. However, authenticity is key. Spammy or inauthentic comments won’t enhance your engagement. The algorithm recognizes sincerity, so aim for genuine interactions that foster a sense of community.

The Instagram algorithm is a dynamic, data-driven system that prioritises genuine engagement and quality content. As a business owner, your focus should be on building authentic connections, creating valuable content, and engaging meaningfully with your audience. Embrace these principles, and you'll navigate the ever-changing Instagram landscape with confidence.


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